skills =
[ 'Apollo GraphQL' ,'ES6' ,'GSAP' ,'Git' ,'Laravel' ,'Next.js' ,'Node.js' ,'Nuxt.js' ,'PHP' ,'React' ,'SCSS' ,'SQL' ,'Serverless' ,'TailwindCSS' ,'TypeScript' ,'Vue.js (3!)' ,'WordPress' ]


My name is Casper Engelmann. I work with frontend frameworks such as Vue and React. On the backend I like to utilize PHP and Node.js.

In my spare time, I like to watch TV shows and movies. If you haven't, go watch Outlander (on Netflix)! About once a month I also race in gokarts, as I'm a member of a gokart club.


At Web-Koncept I worked as a frontend engineer. I made a few WordPress backend plugins, that went with some frontend work I did. Web-Koncept uses WordPress for their customers sites. My usual tasks included implementing custom interactive forms.



OpenCart, WordPress and Laravel. That's what I worked with at Designheroes.


I worked a lot with backend development and frontend fixes on Designheroes' OpenCart solutions. In the OpenCart solutions, I worked implementing various POS (point-of-sale) systems to synchronize with the customer's website.



In the WordPress department, I helped our customers at Roskilde Håndbold to easily create news for the teams, as well as the teams' profile pages. I did this using CPT (Custom Post Types). That way, Roskilde Håndbold just chooses which type they want to create in the WordPress admin menu, fills in the data we have agreed and then they are displayed on the website immediately.

We have made it so easy for them that they have only had to use our help twice in the last year.



The largest project, Petsbnb, which is a platform for pet owners and sitters is based on Laravel. The development on the platform started at the end of 2018, and then I came in and started working on the project in the spring of 2019.

On the project I have had many assignments. Among other things, I created their search function, which makes it easy to find a pet sitter in your area.

In addition, it is possible for sitters to turn their earned money on the platform into a gift card at Maxi Zoo. Here, the sitter gets up to 20% extra value for their money, because Petsbnb has a good collaboration with Maxi Zoo.

All pets are insured under the care of Tryg Forsikring, so that pet owners can feel safe when their pets are cared for.



Devant IVS is a company that my buddy and I set up back in 2018. I have primarily used the company towards the end of 2019, until the end of spring 2020.

Our own website, Devant, is made in Next.js with TailwindCSS. For the contact form, we used Vercel's serverless functions to send messages through a REST endpoint.

In the company, we have jointly had 5 website projects, almost all of which have been built on WordPress. We switched to using Nuxt.js. with the last project, Impotensklinikken. We did this when Netlify CMS covered our customer's need to be able to change texts etc.

Besides that, I have helped to get Gulvfix ' website from a score of 30 to a score of 94 on The result of my optimizations made the website go from a load time of 3.5 seconds to a load of 1.5 seconds, as well as it uses much less data.

I have helped Mimer get ready for the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements that the EU has set for all European companies receiving payments. We've done this using [Stripe]'s's new Checkout API.